Editing, a satisfying journey.


Editing, a satisfying journey.

I am a writer, and a gardener.  A Garden Writer.  Both activities require the skill and joy of editing. In the garden on a low, cooling August day, when one has been away physically and mentally from the rapidly growing plants (and weeds) for several weeks, taking a closer, more intimate look is overdue.


I love to nestle close to the flowers, sitting among them – seeing them up close and personal. The earthy aroma, buzz of bees, the awesome beauty of growing things is intoxicating and healing.  The easy task of eliminating the bottom row of worn and tattered daylily leaves, trimming the fallen and broken daisy stems, and cutting back the dried and dormant bleeding heart creates such satisfaction. Now you can see the plant structure and form where visual chaos once reigned. Thriving, strong elements shine in their late summer glory.

Editing is a satisfying journey with delightful results.  Spaces, pauses, ground, visual relief, harmony, cohesion, and flow are the norm, replacing chaos, crowding, a cacophony of colors. It is the same practice with words.

When you edit words, the sense of relief grows as the tempo slows. Fewer words, reduced chaos and easier reading result in the delicious sense of harmony as the words snuggle together, happy in their location and expression. When you stand back and look at the overall scene, the sense of relief and satisfaction is delightful. One has created from a jumble of thoughts a coherent stream, an edited, rewarding journey.

Miniature Plants

Articles and images about miniature plants

Welcome to Digging Dakota Gardens

Welcome to Digging Dakota Gardens, located at a pink stucco "Storybook" 1935 cottage, listed on the National Register of Historic Places

A website I love because of the creative methods of growing small plants in small pots, and the quality of the photography which showcases these plants so beautifully is http://www.yamadori-bonsai.info/Putz_Beistell_Engl.html.  The site, created by Wolfgang Putz is in German, but you can, I hope, change your version to English.  It is well worth some time to view the tiny hosta, and the lovely small pots that they are grown in.  Wolfgang is interested in bonsai, and this interest spills over into growing miniature plants. His luscious photographs really show us what we could accomplish with close attention to the little treasurers in our gardens.

This link http://artofbonsai.org/galleries/bonsai_putz.php takes you to a lovely website featuring “The Art of Bonsai Project”, featuring Austrian Wolfgang Putz.  Here you will find stunning images of bonsai, and this link will take you to more of his images of miniature hosta.  Enjoy. http://artofbonsai.org/galleries/hosta_putz.php