Susan Holland

  • I have lived and gardened in California, Oregon, England, Scotland, North Dakota, Colonial Williamsburg (VA), and Minnesota. I enjoy coaching owners and renters of small urban landscapes and gardens in Bismarck, North Dakota, providing solutions to landscape and vegetable gardening quandaries.
  • I am a Master Gardener, and have worked with several Twin Cities garden centers. My fully labeled “plant collector” educational garden at my previous home in St. Paul was often open for garden tours.  250 perennial plants have traveled with me from St Paul to Williston and now have a final home at my 1935 National Register “Storybook Cottage” in Bismarck, ND.
  • As a member of the national Garden Writers Association, I keep in touch with the latest trends and plant selections for zone 3 & 4 gardens. Through my garden writing company Prairie Productions, I provide writing, editing, and photography services to businesses and non-profit organizations, including the Hemerocallis Society of MN Newsletter and the North Star Lily Society News.
  • Membership in these organizations, as well as the Rock Garden Society, Bismarck Mandan Garden Club, Central ND Daylily Society, and the National Hosta Society and others keeps me linked to the changes and challenges gardeners encounter.
  • An alumni review from Inchbald School of Design, London.
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  1. These are really wonderful pictures. Since we ae having snow, it was especially fun to look at them and think of spring. Thanks MH

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