Terrible Trauma in FairyLand at Storybook Cottage

Tranquil Storybook Cottage, Bismarck, North Dakota – before the storm
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Here in calm Bismarck, North Dakota, the heavens opened up last Friday evening with a loud roar and snarl, sending thousands of mature trees into spasms, their limbs flying to an fro. The clouds, noise, disturbance and resulting damage has been ranked as one of Bismarck’s most devastating storms ever. Ten thousand homes were without power, and our phone and internet connection was not restored until last night.  Thankfully, our home and garden only suffered what could be categorized as “minor” damage in relation to much of the serious damage caused by huge trees falling onto homes. 

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The heavy wooden rocker was tossed into the flower bed, and a heavy cast iron table rests on its side, sent aloft by the fierce winds. 20150621-IMG_0358 - Copy

The streets are lined with chunks of trees, and an astonishing water line marks it path on the roadway. 20150619-IMG_0267 - Copy

This was the scene right between the house and garage. It has all been dragged to the curb.20150621-IMG_0341 - Copy

I checked in secret hiding places, and our tiny moss forest friends shared this terrible night with us.  Their chairs, tables, and bird baths are strewn about with the winds careless abandon.20150621-IMG_0337 - Copy

Looking further, I found another little homestead also looking a bit disheveled.20150621-IMG_0330 - Copy

20150612-IMG_0183With a little tending, the world is looking upright and stable once again. 20150619-IMG_0214 - Copy20150605-IMG_0092 - Copy

Our little friends can once again sleep peacefully in wee beds, as the sunshine of summer returns.  

20150619-IMG_0224-2 - CopyWishes for a speedy recovery from the storm for those of you who have suffered storm damage in North Dakota.  We, and the little sprites, are holding you in the light.

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