Garden Blogger Bloom Day November 2011

Hello!  This is a new blog from North Dakota, and it would be fun to have you along for the journey through my zone 4 garden. Here is what is happening today. We had our first bit of snow early this morning and the Heuchera are the only thing seemingly untouched by days of frost and freezing.

A frosted coneflower

A frosted Coneflower

Blueberry Crisp Heuchera

Heuchera Midnight Rose

Heuchera Midnight Rose

6 thoughts on “Garden Blogger Bloom Day November 2011

  1. Hi there world traveler. I am honored you stopped in on my blog here in Niagara Falls and I see you are a garden coach. I am sure you have much to offer having lived in such varied climates. I too am a Master Gardener and designer. I guess you found me through GBBD, but you might now join Blotanical. You can get the info from my sidebar by clicking the badge. You will meet many gardeners from all over the world. Many blogs listed in my sidebar are Blotanical members. I see you are a blog. That is a direction I would like to go with my blogs. There is so much more creative control with the java script add-ons.

  2. The photo of the coneflower touched by snow is priceless. Great as a greeting card. Your posts remind me of dear friends originally from North Dakota. Oh, the stories one could tell of the old days and horse racing on bush tracks there! Thanks for your lovely blog.

    • Thank you. I would love to hear your ND stories! I am looking forward to having the opportunity to tell a few myself!

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