Digging into Blogging

Digging Into Blogging

Welcome friends, to a new Blog – Digging Dakota. This blog is a cheerful, chatty insight into my observations of life in North Dakota, colored by my experiences living and gardening in Tustin, California; Amity, Oregon; Fort Clark, North Dakota; St. Paul, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Williamsburg, Virginia; London, England; Watford, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Williston, and now Bismarck, North Dakota.

China Doll Dahlia

I really am “Digging” Dakota, and am glad to return here after an absence of over 20 years. Not much has changed here over the decades, except for the monumental oil activity in the Williston Basin. Very dramatic indeed. More about that later.

I will be sharing my perspectives on current gardening activities world-wide, through my membership in the national Garden Writers Association which provides me and many other garden writers with access to the newest info, trends and successes of the green industry.  As a horticultural and architectural historian, I will also be featuring my insights of past gardening and landscaping trends, successes, and highlighting special characters who greatly influenced our gardening practices today.  I will do this through many avenues, including book reviews, interviews, and photography.

Overall, I plan to just have FUN, sharing with you my numerous years of  accumulated stories  and images, walking with you through the gardens of yesteryear and of tomorrow.  Thanks for joining me, and stay tuned!  Susan

9 thoughts on “Digging into Blogging

  1. Susan, glad to have found your blog through Blotanical! I’ve lived in England, and now live in California, but you’ve certainly gardened in more varied climates than I have. Looking forward to following your gardening exploits!

  2. Welcome back to life in the vast lane! I graduated from UND when my husband was stationed at Grand Forks AFB and have a real soft spot for the Dakotas, despite being a native of CA. :o) Welcome to the blogging world!

  3. You might enjoy looking at some of the postings from my Blog since I live a little North of Milwaukee, and since you once lived near by. Now that you are in North Dakota, I will have to follow your blog to see what happens out there! Each month I choose a new Blog to follow, and lucky you, I picked yours today. Jack

  4. Beautiful, beautiful blogsite — I’m looking forward to learning about the botanics of my own city.

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