Daylily Judge status

Yipee. I just received a letter from the American Hemerocallis Society AHS Garden Judges Records Chair, informing me that I am officially an American Hemerocallis Society Garden judge. Wow. I am honored, and a little edgy about what this really means. Getting to this point involved studying the judging criteria in the judges handbook, looking at lots of daylilies, and passing a test.

H. 'Sir Elton' hybridized by Dottie Warrell

H. 'Sir Elton' hybridized by Dottie Warrell

Daylilies are a favorite flower of mine – indeed they make up a significant portion of my garden landscape. I have just taken on the position as President of the Central North Dakota Daylily Society, and am thrilled to join efforts with a vigorous and delightful bunch of “daylily divas” here in the midwest.

The responsibilities of a Daylily Garden Judge are spelled out in the AHS Judges Handbook.

  • Judges must remember that they are judging the complete plant, not just the flower.
  •  know and grow representative cultivars for all Hemerocallis forms and types.
  • maintain personal collections of newly registered daylilies of hybridizers from various geographical areas, particularly including cultivars from their own region.
  • visit as many gardens as possible in their region and, whenever possible, outside their region.
  • attend each of their own regional meetings and others when possible.
  • attend as many national conventions as possible.
  • share their skills with new judges and with the public when the opportunity arises.
  • have their gardens available for visitation by AHS visitors during the bloom season.
  • attend as many local meetings as possible and take an active part in events that promote the daylily.
Miniature daylily in china pot

Miniature daylily in china pot

Cool – imagine having a reason and responsibility to visit gardens and gardeners, one of my favorite summer pastimes.  Of course, there are certain criteria one must look for in judging daylilies, and we will get to that in a later post.